The only person who got information about Fortnite before. It all started with her

Very few people know the history of how Battle Royale ended up in Fortnite at all.

Fortnite was originally just Save the World. Only later did someone come up with the idea of creating a Battle Royale. But who was it? Few people know that this mode was indeed heavily inspired by PUBG.

But who told Epic to take care of this topic at all? This was a person many people had never heard of, and who is an important piece of the entire puzzle called Fortnite.

A brother that hardly anyone knows

Did you know Donald Mustard has a brother? He runs his own company dedicated to teaching other companies how to get on with social media. “Mustard Plays” has over 200,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, and is mainly known for his maps in creative mode.

Recently, Donald’s brother has been answering questions, revealing that he was the one who prompted his brother to make Epic focus on the BR topic.

Later, there is also the question of whether Chad expected Battle Royale to be so successful. As we hear, yes, he had no shadow of a doubt. Other interesting facts:

  • Chad Mustard receives information from time to time about what will happen in future seasons – he is probably the only person not directly related to Epic who has information beforehand.
  • Chad never got an official offer from Epic, there were talks, but he was never offered anything formally.
  • Creative mode will be even more open, it will get more functions.

What is it like to be Donald Mustard’s brother? As normal, brothers often talk about life, not focusing too much on Fortnite in private conversations.