The original shotgun has just been weakened in Fortnite. Way worse damage

Epic decided to introduce a rather unexpected nerf.

This is the second nerf of the original shotgun. This time, however, Epic did not inform about it. The change was noticed by people who search and track all changes in the files. Thanks to them, it is known that the shotgun has been updated again.

This time every kind of damage got nerfed. Is it good? Professional players will surely be pleased, but it is not so obvious with the others.

The original shotgun nerf

The previous nerf was primarily about the rate of fire. However, it didn’t really change anything, so Epic decided to additionally weaken the damage itself. This will surely please all those who have complained about this weapon.

  • Shotgun damage changed by 16.67%

Especially since the nerf is really big. The values were changed not by one or two points, but much more. Even above ten. In addition, the weapon drawing time has been further increased.​​