The Recycler is really Epic Games’ revenge on a copy of Fortnite, this weapon was copied from it

Do you know that the newest weapon in Fortnite is, in a way, Epic Games’ revenge?

There are tons of better and worse games on the web that are inspired by Fortnite. Some just use a similar concept, i.e. Battle Royale with building elements. Others simply copy the island, skins, and all possible mechanics.

Epic apparently decided to fight counterfeits in its own way. It turns out that the newest weapon in Fortnite was released years ago in another production.

Is the Recycler really Epic’s Revenge?

If you have been watching Youtube for several years, you must have seen a video from “Creative Destruction”. This is a mobile production that resembles Fortnite very much.

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The game was popular sometime in 2018, offering tons of money for streamers and gaming channels to play it. Now, after a few years, Epic has decided to pay back. Fortnite introduced the Recycler – a weapon that sucks up structures to then use as bullets.

Some may recognize this concept from several years ago. Now you know where it originally appeared – in Creative Destruction.

Of course, it doesn’t change anything when it comes to the players themselves, gameplay, etc. However, this is an interesting approach towards the creators of mobile production who, as the interface and many different elements show, could have been inspired by Fortnite.