These two spots will almost certainly disappear from Fortnite. Epic is testing the map without them

There is little doubt that Epic will want to remove these two locations.

We had heard about one of these spots before. Now the second has come to her as well. How do we know both will be deleted? Epic is currently testing the island with and without these specific locations. One of them is a potential crash site for the mothership.

The second one is on the right side of the island. So potentially, something may also happen to it. Recall that the leaks spoke of new biomes, so perhaps it is closely related to the overall changes of the island.

Which spots are likely to disappear?

We are talking about two locations. The Misty Meadows is not a big surprise. For weeks, leakers have been convinced that this is where the mothership will fall, destroying this part of the map in the process. In addition to the Dying Groves, it is also about the Dirty Docks:

  • S17_MistyAftermath_Test
  • S17_DirtyAftermath_Test

There are two versions of the island in the files, the word “remove” probably says it all. File searchers indicate that overall the map will change a lot. New locations and biomes will be created. All this after an explosion in the sky.