This could be Fortnite’s weirdest “collaboration”. Abraham Lincoln is to be in the game

Leakers believe Epic will “celebrate” the March on Washington this year.

Leakers found information in the files that at the end of September, the game will include elements related to the March on Washington. It was an event in the history of the United States to raise the minimum wage and end racial segregation.

Epic apparently decided it was time to address this. This is all the more surprising as it has not been celebrated before.


What is known about this?

In fact, at the moment only three elements are known that have anything to do with it. It is a statue, memorial and graffiti.


It is not known what to expect or how it will all take place. The celebration takes place on August 28, so expect some mini-events, challenges or just a small update to explain the topic.

For now, you can suspect that Fortnite will have some simple monument challenges, including graffiti:


However, these are only assumptions that do not have to come true.