This is Epic’s plan to change places this season of Fortnite. The zones are to be the size of the location

This is not the end of the changes that are to take place in the Hedges. Leakers predict what to expect.

Let us remind you that the Holly Hedges have turned into Holly  Hatcheries. There is a new zone there that now limits gravity. Epic is not going to stop there.

Today we know that this zone will grow in the next few days. However, it is not known what level it will reach.

The zone will keep getting bigger

As HYPEX informs on his profile, the zone without gravity will be bigger and bigger. What’s more, similar zones will also be created in other locations.

So this is a plan to change places this season. In various POs, such zones will appear, and of course, elements strictly related to aliens. It is hard to say if the change is a plus, but in the end, you may find that the whole map will not have normal gravity, and that would be something.