This is the end of Fortnite fish. The new comic book cover reveals that Fishstick is going to die. End of his styles?

It seems that the thread related to Fishstick will end soon.

Based on the number of styles it got, it was definitely one of Epic Games’ favorite skins. As a reminder, this is the only skin that got an extra style every season since the beginning of the second chapter.

Now, with the leak of the new cover of the upcoming comic, it is speculated that this is the end of its adventure. Why?

The Fish will die soon?

At this point, we know the covers of the three comics. One of them clearly shows that the Fishhead is dying.

This is probably a direct reference to an older comic book “Batman Death In The Family”, which had a similar cover.

In any case, it could make a big difference to Fortnite itself. As leakers point out, dying in a loop is simply rebirth. It is possible, however, that Fishstick got out of the loop with Batman and unfortunately did not survive this test.

It is speculated that this could mark the end of styles for this skin. It is not confirmed if comics connect with the skin publishing cycle, but it is possible.