This is what the accelerated animation of ice melting looks like, i.e. a free Fortnite backpack

Most surely already know that the new backpack that can be unlocked for Cosmic Summer is “active”.

There is currently an event in Fortnite called “Cosmic Summer”. Thanks to this, you can unlock over a dozen free items, of which the active backpack is definitely one of the most interesting.

What does it mean to be active? This time it does not react to what is happening in the game, it changes over the course of the game. In total, about 5 minutes pass from the initial state to the latter.

How does it look like?

The animation was sped up 8x, so the entire process on the video takes less than 40 seconds. It is definitely one of the better backpacks when it comes to this type of effect. It even perfectly refers to the current weather.

If you haven’t checked out the new update, it’s worth updating Fortnite, a lot will be happening in the next few days when it comes to items or new mechanics.