This theme will return to Fortnite. Work is underway on the female version of the skin, and the name of this island leaves no doubt

It looks like Epic is planning to go back to one of the older themes.

We are constantly receiving new information about what leakers found after the last update. It can be expected that there will be only more leaks and with subsequent updates, they will become even more interesting.

In addition to the leak regarding season 7, there is also news of the return of the golden theme. Exactly the one that is immediately associated with Midas and of course Oro.

The female version of the Oro skin

As reported by HYPEX, one of the popular leakers, the female version of Oro is currently being worked on. And normally it wouldn’t arouse some incredible emotions, but there is one detail that changes everything.

It turns out that this little islet from which a huge volcano can grow (more on that here) is called “Orolsle”. We all know Epic well enough to safely say that this is definitely not an accident. On the one hand, information about the female version, on the other, a reference to the code name.

Following this lead, it is very possible that we will soon see the return of the entire golden thread in Fortnite, along with Midas, Oro, and perhaps some activity around this little island. Of course, this is not yet confirmed, but it is very likely – all the leaks are starting to fit together.