Top 10 Kymera skin combos in Fortnite. Can this skin be saved somehow?

Kymera evokes a lot of emotions. Theoretically, an interesting concept has been given up on in some way already at the start of the season.

Kymera is a skin that can be customized with various cosmetic items. These, in turn, are unlocked with alien artifacts. The skin is quite interesting, but hardly anyone sees its potential.

That’s why players have prepared a few lists of items that they think look the best. However, this should be treated more as a hint, maybe an inspiration to what this skin might look like. Because everyone has a different taste.

Kymer’s skin combo in Fortnite

There are quite a lot of propositions on the web. Of course, you can change specific elements or colors at your own discretion. If you don’t see anything interesting here, then Kymera won’t be for you.

You don’t see anything interesting here? Well, it’s worth trying to figure something out by yourself, it’s actually hard to come up with something amazing here, and the skin itself is unlikely to be groundbreaking.