Two of the funniest changes in Fortnite history that even Epic was joking about

Epic Games had some jokes at times, same in Fortnite itself and in the patch notes.

Older players will surely remember that Epic once provided official update notes. The vast majority of them were fully serious, and the bugs fixed were actually more important to Fortnite itself.

However, there were two changes that normal gamers would completely miss. These are the only two times Epic has made a bit of a joke about the patch notes, and it looks like it won’t happen again. All because Epic no longer adds full descriptions.

Two of the funniest changes in Fortnite history

The first change was to one of the emotes. It all started in patch 7.10, back in January 2019. Hardly anyone remembers, but the description of the update includes the following point:

Dab for days with the new emoting power of the Infinite Dab in the lobby!

  • Lasts 10 hours.

The players were very surprised, there were a lot of videos added to YouTube with just dabing. Epic decided to take the joke further. In Synopsis 8.10, the maximum duration of the emotes has been changed:

  • Reduced infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 11 hours in the front end

Underneath, the following has been added:

  • Just kidding, Increased Infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 13 hours in the front end

Until today, you can find 10-hour videos of just dabing on YouTube. Many people were convinced that after these 10 or 13 hours something would happen, but even after checking it turned out that nothing was happening at all that would be interesting.

The second change concerned dinosaurs. Here we have to move a little bit forward, namely the update marked as 10.30. As we read:

Eliminating another player using a Junk Rift Triceratops will now indicate that they were sent to the Cretaceous period in the elimination feed. 

  • Previously, the elimination feed would say that they were sent to the Jurassic period, but Triceratops only existed during the Cretaceous period. We apologize for this Tyrannosaurus Wreck of an oversight.

Of course, it didn’t matter to a normal player, but in fact, someone had to let Epic know that something was wrong here. Why do we mention it at all? A topic regarding one of these changes has become popular on Reddit, in which players have started to write massively about how much they miss the old Fortnite.

These times will probably never come back, which is a pity. 2018, 2019 was by far the best year for Fortnite according to the community.