Update 17.50 has been officially scheduled. Technical break at 4 AM EDT.

A new update will take place in Fortnite today, marked as 17.50.

Epic did not even release a shortened version of the update description this time. So we have to guess that another hijacking of one of the spots by a UFO awaits us. In addition, the files should contain new information about the end of the season.

The update will be big as it is the last update before the end of the season. As always, matchmaking is to be turned off 30 minutes before.

Fortnite update 17.50

The technical break will start at 4 AM EDT, while recently the first leaks appear after several minutes. This time it can be very similar.

The size of the update and its details are unknown. According to leakers, it should be expected that a fragment of the Corny Complex will be taken today.