We know two skins that may appear in Fortnite for Halloween 2021. Epic never removed them

Although it’s only July, leakers already provide information about Halloween 2021 in Fortnite.

Everyone is already waiting for Update 17.20, which is likely to arrive in Fortnite next week. Meanwhile, leakers are so bored that, while not looking at the change of position of the spacecraft, they search all files more and more carefully.

Thanks to this, it is known that for the next Halloween you can expect at least two new skins:

  • Dark Aura
  • Dark Echo

Halloween Skins 2021

Of course, there is a lot of time until Halloween, so it’s surprising that there is some specific information about it. According to HYPEX, you should expect, among other things, the Dark Aura skin. Although it does not have its official appearance yet, there are a lot of concepts on the web showing how it can finally look like:

Added to this is Dark Echo. In this case, however, no one has yet thought about creating a concept:

Halloween will, of course, start at the end of the year. Leaks may therefore not be very accurate, at least at this stage.