What are the challenges for Week 10 of Season 6 in Fortnite? What exactly will you need to do?

As every Thursday, new challenges are introduced to Fortnite.

This week there won’t be too many different puzzles and mysteries to be found on the map. Basically, all challenges rely on the player’s own activity, not interacting with the world. Only building castles and destroying them is the exception.

These are some of the last challenges, so it is worth thinking about doing them if you were not interested so far. There are only 19 days left until the end of the season.

Challenges for week 10 of Fortnite Season 6

The challenges are as follows:

  • Eliminate a player by swimming 0/1
  • Damage players within 30 seconds of landing after jumping off the Battle Bus 0/150
  • Eliminated with a pickaxe 0/1
  • Build special sandcastles 0/3
  • Deal damage to landing Supply Drops 0/100
  • Enemy structures destroyed while driving a vehicle 0/1.
  • Destroy special sandcastles 0/3.

You are unlikely to have any major problems and you will do most of these challenges just by playing. The legendary challenge is “Stay in the air with hop floppers and shockwave grenades.”