What can three unused modifications to cars in Fortnite look like?

Currently, we know about three more modifications that Fortnite cars will receive.

Recall that recently Fortnite cars received their first modification in the form of off-road tires. It is known that there are at least three other modifications in the files. According to leaks, these are to be:

  • “Mega Booster” on the back
  • “Scooper” on the front bumper

In addition, we all remember, of course, the turret, which will be probably to be on the roof.

What could it look like?

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “2nd_placer” shows how it can all look directly on the vehicles. So according to the name:

  • A booster would be a huge “accelerator”
  • “Scooper”  will probably be able to destroy structures better, perhaps it will also increase the damage in some way
  • The turret, you can see how it looks

It is completely unknown when these additions may be released, but there is a chance that we will see the first of them in Update 16.30. This one will probably take place next week, which is around April 27, 2021.