What changed in the Fortnite store? It wasn’t about NBA skins as suspected

Yesterday the store has changed twice.

Yesterday the store in Fortnite has changed. Of course, as always on this occasion, there was a lot of speculation that it might be the beginning of an event. Fortnite X NBA has been the topic of discussion for several days, so it was suspected that this is what it is about.

Finally, it turned out that the second leak was confirmed. The changed store concerned strictly The Walking Dead skins. In addition, one of the game modes has been enabled.

What changed?

At the moment, you will find a section dedicated to The Walking Dead in the store. These are not new skins, and appear mainly due to the added game mode.

The mode is called “Outbreak” and in the news in-game it was called “Walking Dead LTM”.

If you’ve been hunting for these skins, you have the opportunity to buy them. If not, not much has really changed. We will have to wait a bit longer for NBA skins. The official start date of this mini-event is not known yet. The leak on May 12 was clearly wrong.