What does the “maxed out” LeBron James skin looks like in Fortnite. Pickaxes, styles, backpacks and more

The information about the “slider” was confirmed. Epic has already shown everything players will get.

The skin will be available on July 14:

Arriving in the Item Shop on July 14, 2021, basketball’s best arrives with two separate Outfits — each equipped with King James’ upcoming signature shoe, the Nike LeBron 19.

Stylish and imposing, the LeBron James Outfit blends the best of LeBron’s on-court and pre-game persona. It includes the LeBron James Outfit and the King’s Back Bling. Sunglasses optional!

Also available, complete the look with the King James Gear Bundle. It features:

  • The Lion Pickaxe
  • Wingspan Glider
  • Quiet the competition with LeBron’s emphatic on-the-court celebration, The Silencer.

LeBron’s matching Outfit, Back Bling, Lion Pickaxe, and Wingspan Glider all feature a progressive edit slider — allowing you to add more than 20 gold variations of the outfit.

See how the slider can augment your look in the clip below.

Available separately, players can suit up as Tune Squad LeBron before the premiere of the all-new live-action/animated film Space Jam: A New Legacy.

And when the game isn’t on the line, crunch time takes on a whole new meaning for LeBron. Celebrating Taco Tuesday, the Tune Squad LeBron Outfit also includes the LeBron’s Taco Tuesday style Variant and Pack Supreme Back Bling — letting you take a guac on LeBron’s wild side.

Can’t decide which of LeBron’s looks to lock into? The King James Bundle pairs all the Outfits (and Back Blings) mentioned together and adds the Court’s in Session Loading Screen.

Look for all of LeBron’s Items in the Shop starting Wednesday, July 14 @ 8PM ET.