What is “The Pit” in Fortnite? The new challenges with free items have caused a stir

“The Pit” appears in the new challenges for Cosmic Summer, what is it?

There is still a week until the end of the ongoing event, and players must go to something called “The Pit” to complete the next challenges. What is it? This is a specially prepared island just for the Cosmic Summer.

Entering it is relatively easy, but you need to know what code the map has. The place created by GEERZY has the following code:


Challenges and what is it all about?

This map has several important features. All structures reset after 15 minutes. You get five coins for each elimination, so it’s easy to see how your challenges are going. And these are as follows:

  • Get headshots in The Pit
  • Eliminate players with 5 different weapons in a single The Pit match
  • Destroy buildings in The Pit mode
  • Build structures in The Pit mode

If you care about free items, it’s worth dedicating today to these challenges. This is all that could be done, so slowly this event will be finished.