What is this Fortnite update? Nearly 500MB downloadable on most platforms

Epic has just released a patch for several different platforms.

Fortnite has a new update that has around 500MB on PC. The patch has also been added to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. This time, however, it does not affect the optimization, but the specific mode.

As we read in the official Epic announcement, it is about the periodic mode “Team Up! Aloy and Lara”, with which there were problems that prevented its proper functioning.

New Fortnite update

For now, it seems that this is the only change when it comes to how Fortnite works. The last such patch also changed the weapon statistics, but in this case it does not look like it.

“We’ve released a patch on PCs, Nintendo Switch, and Android to fix the issue with the Team Up! Aloy and Lara on the respective platforms. We will notify when this Limited Time Mode returns to Fortnite. “

The mode should theoretically start today, but it is not known if Epic will actually handle all the problems.