What to expect from today’s Fortnite update? When will it appear, what will be introduced?

Today there will be a new update to Fortnite that should be seen more as a hotfix – just like last week.

Epic officially returned to work yesterday. This means that developers can focus on update 17.20, but it will probably only be released next week. “Hotfix” will be introduced today.

Hotfix is neither a regular update nor a content update. It simply means activating pre-prepared news. So there is no technical outage or additional downloadable content, although it may appear today.

What is known about this update?

The time of its introduction is 9:00 or 10:00 EDT. The time information is not confirmed, so take it with a pinch of salt. The changes that will be introduced are primarily a new item.

Do not expect any new cosmetic items, but it is possible that there will be additional downloadable content. This will be related to the fixing of bugs, although they do not need to be fixed today.

Leakers suspect another non-gravity zone will be activated, maybe some other changes will happen on the island, but don’t expect anything amazing.

  • It can be used while in the air.
  • Using it will give you an extra “boost” for mobility.
  • Cooldown from 8 to 16 seconds.
  • Opponents can pierce it by simply shooting at it.
  • Classic cow sounds can be made.

Simply put, we get something like a backpack that can quickly move us. With this backpack, the character feels less gravity (higher jumps). You will normally find the item in Chests, it can be purchased for 25 ingots, but it will also appear randomly on the ground.