What’s so special about Fortnite store today? The case of an inconspicuous skin

The new Fortnite skin available in the store aroused a lot of excitement. Why?

Fortnite skins are interesting not only because of their appearance but sometimes only because of their rarity. That is exactly the case here. Today’s store in Fortnite offers a skin that has not been available for nearly two years.

This is one of those “OG” skins that were officially added back in 2017, on November 7th, during the first chapter. Its return is interesting because you will probably have to wait another 500 days for the next opportunity to but “Munitions Expert”.

Munitions Expert in Fortnite

This skin was last in the store on 17.09.2019, exactly 566 days ago. Hardly anyone has it in their inventory, most will not even notice its return. The 1,200 V-Bucks skin can therefore be another rare item that has a chance to land in players’ lockers today.

Is it worth buying? It’s pure speculation. Recall that officially selling your account is prohibited, but theoretically, this skin can increase its value.

Another interesting offer released today is the lava package. It consists of two skins, two backpacks, and one hand glider.

Is this the start of bringing back the older skins? It is hard to say. But It is definitely worth observing the store not only in terms of looks, but also the rarity of skins.​