When will the new Starter Pack be available in Fortnite? Leakers have a specific date

If you are on the hunt for a new starter pack, we have some news for you.

The starter packs may not be the best-rated cosmetic items, but they are still fairly unique skins and backpacks for a relatively small price. No wonder that they are very popular.

The appearance and content of the next starter pack has been known for quite some time. So no one will be surprised. The new information here is the package release date.

When will this pack be released?

Recall that we are talking about skin, backpack, and V-Bucks again. This time Epic focused on a female character, which at the moment is perceived quite well by the community:

The price remains the same. According to unofficial information, this skin will be available for purchase on June 15. Why then? As leakers say, this is when the previous starter pack will be withdrawn from the store. So it seems logical that something new should immediately take its place.