Why did Epic have to disable these two emotes? It’s about this worrisome mistake

Epic has officially confirmed that two emotes are currently disabled.

A dozen or so hours ago, Epic decided that two emotes require their immediate deactivation. Interestingly, this only applies to the competitive modes. This means that although the error related to them is very severe, you can still use it for casual playing.

The emotes affected are “Shh” and “Suit Up”. At the moment, they cannot be used in modes that relate strictly to competitive gaming.

What is the reason for disabling?

Some time ago we wrote about the fact that some pickaxes are completely invisible. Back then it was related to the performance mode. Now it turns out that the same thing happened to the two emotes. You can become invisible while using them.

Of course, it is not necessary to explain to anyone how serious this mistake is. This is why Epic made the decision to disable them. In terms of recompensate, it all depends on how long emotes are disabled. However, do not expect a mountain of free V-Bucks, previously the developers did not give anything for turning them off and there is nothing to expect.