Why did this Fortnite update 16.40 skin cause so much excitement? It’s about that person

A lot of interesting cosmetic items appeared in update 16.40, but in addition to the free ones, there is also a skin that quickly gained popularity.

During update 16.40, everyone focused on the free item package (skin, glider, backpack, pickaxe) or the free umbrella that you receive as part of the DayBreak mode. Interestingly, the patch also brought a skin, which theoretically is not unique, and can actually mess up a lot.

Why? It comes from a player concept that all players probably know about. Epic used the idea of “easkateconcepts”, responsible for by far the most popular fan skin designs.

Skin introduced from the concept

As the player himself writes, his dream came true. Perhaps this is some kind of breakthrough on the easkateconcepts ideas. Repeatedly, the community has indicated that he should work for Epic. Who knows, maybe the developers will have a new person onboard soon.

The skin was introduced basically without any changes. Its original looks like this:

If you don’t know this particular artist at all, here are some of his latest works (all of them may be added to the game sooner or later):

There is no need to convince anyone that these skins look really great. If Epic starts adding “easkateconcepts” ideas on a regular basis, Fortnite could really gain a lot in terms of the cosmetic variety.