Why do UFO abducted Fortnite players get such weird pickaxes? What’s this about?

Aliens finally got into Fortnite today.

If you’ve completely missed your morning dose of information, then yes, aliens entered Fortnite. You can be kidnapped and thrown away in a completely different place. The ship itself is invisible, and neither are the aliens.

Epic decided to limit itself to visual effects strictly related to light. So we do not have any “tests on the characters” etc. here.

However, there are strange pickaxes

Quite a few people say that after aliens kidnap them, they get some weird versions of pickaxes that aren’t available in the game.

“I was abducted by aliens and I got that sweet new pickaxe!” – we read on Twitter.

It is quite loud about it because we have paints here that are simply not existant. The problem is, it most likely wasn’t intentional at all.

All indications are that this is simply a visual error that somehow spoils the pickaxes and the paints themselves. It’s hard to say if for sure, but some versions of these pickaxes look terrible – Epic wouldn’t come up with something like that.​