You can now earn a free umbrella and loading screen. Escape the hostile island in Fortnite

As predicted, there is a mode where you can get a free umbrella.

If you want a free item, you can now get into Fortnite. A new PvE mode has officially entered the game, which promises to be really interesting. It is all about escaping the island.

An all-new Fortnite mode

This is definitely one of the most interesting modes, although after the first minutes it is difficult to say how it will finally look and work. As players wake up on the island, you have to deal with all the adversities, while collecting parts for a broken helicopter.

PvE – game in squads

You wake up alone, without a weapon on the shore of the island. You don’t remember the moment you got here. Quickly find a weapon before the sunset, because at night, around the hill, creatures come out to feed.

Look for other survivors – their help may be crucial in surviving on this increasingly dangerous island. Try to look for parts of one of the broken helicopters in the centre of the island along the way. If you find them, with enough fuel you may be able to complete the Impossible Escape!

As for the umbrella, everyone probably knows what it looks like by now.

It is worth entering this mode and checking for yourself. It starts out really interesting. Probably only in a few dozen minutes we will find out if it is connected in any way with the plot and the next season.