You weren’t wrong. The UFO (mother ship) in Fortnite has actually started moving

There is no doubt that the great ship “hanging” above the map began to move

This is probably only one of the first steps. According to Fortnite followers, the huge ship hanging above the map began to move.

It is difficult to say where this will lead, but it took several hours for the ship to clearly move. It is possible that it will change its position until some major event.

The ship is clearly moving

It is enough to look at the comparisons prepared by Kaspol. On June 23, a UFO cast such a shadow:

A day later, today, the shadow is much further. So there is no doubt that it is not accidental and Epic started moving the mother ship on purpose.

The question, however, is “So what?”. Currently, it is completely unknown. Maybe it is some preparation for the event, maybe for what is to happen in a dozen or so days, after the end of the cosmic summer? There are many possibilities.