Blizzard sued for the molestation of women. Scary scenes including taking your own life

The state of California has sued Activision Blizzard for its work culture, specifically the molestation and harassment of women by employees.

This is not the first time a major game developer has been sued for such violations. Last year, for example, there was a lot of talk about Riot. Now, after a 2-year investigation, the State of California is suing Blizzard.

In the source texts, we read that the culture of harassment led, among other things, to a tragedy. Apart from nervous breakdowns and layoffs, one of the employees was supposed to take their own life in the company. She was molested early.

Blizzard in the heat of criticism

Employees of the company were supposed to make rude, sexually marked comments on a daily basis, their behavior was bizarre – getting drunk and crawling between the booths. In addition, there were a lot of responsibilities placed on women while men simply played games during their working hours.

Women were supposed to earn less while doing much more. The whole lawsuit contains a lot of nightmarish points, the most terrifying of which is the mention of the woman who took her own life.

It was during a corporate trip, previously she was supposed to be the target of harassment, including public sharing of her nude photos. All of this sheds a whole new light on what has been going on at Blizzard in recent years.

Of course, now the court will judge if all of this is true. For now, Activision Blizzard has a big problem, not only in terms of their image.