How does recording engine sounds in Forza Horizon 5 look like? The players are delighted

Developers showed how they record engine sounds for Forza Horizon 5.

Some things are difficult to imagine, and one of them may be, for example, the method of recording engine sounds to Forza Horizon 5. Some players probably did not even wonder how it is that the sounds of the vehicle’s engine in the game are so real. The developers of Playground Games decided to publish a behind-the-scenes video that explains everything.

You need some really amazing cars to record some of the sounds

Almost every car in Forza Horizon 5 will probably have its own unique engine sound, which can also be modified. At first glance, this is hardly a surprise, as it would be difficult to imagine that in such a developed title, every vehicle would sound almost the same. However, it becomes a bit bigger when we realize how many amazing cars the developers have to get to record the sounds of their engines.

Below you can watch the footage that shows all the work that Playground Games must do:

Here, however, you can check how the recorded engine sound present itself in the game:

It all looks really impressive. The world of the title is to be set in Mexico, and its premiere is scheduled for November 9 this year.