Palia: What is an MMO from former Riot and Blizzard employees? Promises to be interesting

It is known that the current employees of Blizzard and Riot are working on their future game. It promises to be really good, so it’s worth taking a look at it.

Hearing MMOs, we explore the world in search of ever stronger monsters to kill. And here comes Palia, referred to as a mix of games such as Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and The Legends of Zelda, which contradicts everything we know about MMOs.

If you are the type of player who loves his four corners and will visit every nook and cranny of even the largest map to get a new item for your spot, then be sure to check out Palia .

The title arouses curiosity because it is not just any production of the new studio, but former Riot and Blizzard employees are behind its release. If anyone has doubts about who is behind it, just look at the graphics of the game.

Palia, New MMO Simulation Game Like Animal Crossing and Zelda | ITIGIC

The developers have allocated a budget of over $ 30 million for the game. But what exactly is Palia about?

Palia Preview – “What Are The Blizzard and Riot Games People Preparing?” – Technosteria

Palia is referred to as a Community MMO and the main mechanics in the game will be… Building your house, decorating it, cultivating the land, cooking, meeting and making friends with NPCs, and even romancing them. Of course, we will also have a coop mode, where we will be able to go on an adventure with a group of friends. But let’s stop at the NPCs for a moment.

In Palia, humans are a legendary race, but there are more races themselves. There are even robots over 3000 years old (we know from reports that they like fishing). NPCs have their own lives and react to the time of day, which means that at night we will find much fewer creatures to talk to, and the characters themselves will wander around the village according to their affairs, not necessarily waiting for the player to want something from them.

PvP does not exist at the moment, but if it does, it will be a small and insignificant part of the game, which is why this title stands out so much. We will be developping the skills of better furniture production or faster farming, just like in the popular Stardew Valley.

For those interested, signing up for Pre-Alpha on is currently underway. Considering the fact that both Riot and Blizzard employees are working on it, the game promises to be really good and it is definitely worth giving it a chance.