Rainbow Six Extraction will have a delayed release date. Everything that is known about the upcoming production

Ubisoft revealed details about Rainbow Six Extraction at E3 2021.

During the E3 2021, Ubisoft revealed all the details about Rainbow Six Extraction, and above all, tactical cooperation in the co-op mode, including the way the game works and more.

Unfortunately, the initial release date of the production has been delayed. Nevertheless, it is possible to pre-purchase the game. To do this, however, it is worth knowing what editions are available.

Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Six Extraction

The initial release date of Rainbow Six Extraction was scheduled for September 16, but the developers decided to delay it until January 2022. The title aims to take players on an “unprecedented alien threat”. As the game progresses, you will be able to unlock new skills and a unique arsenal.

Of course, there will be 18 new operators in the game, and half of them have been revealed. Talking about:

  • Finka,
  • Pulse,
  • Doc,
  • Sledge,
  • Alibi,
  • Vigil,
  • Hibana,
  • Ela,
  • Lion.

The game will also introduce new enemies, such as Spiker, Root, Tormentor and others. Below you can watch the gameplay from the game:

Where can you preorder Rainbow Six Extraction?

As with most Ubisoft titles, players can pre-order the production in a few selected stores. The number one is of course Ubisoft Store, but there are also traditional online stores, such as Amazon or Gamestop.

Prices range from 60 to 80 dollars. The difference is between the standard version and the deluxe version, which in addition to the game itself also has a package of stylistic items. Additionally, you can get a lot of bonuses for pre-ordering the title.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and 5 devices, as well as PC.