The F1 driver’s “game stand” is no match for anything else. Pierre Gasly and his simulator

F1 drivers admit that they love racing on virtual tracks. Some of them even stream on Twitch.

At one point, when most of the world’s events and venues were closed, F1 moved entirely to the Internet. There were races, live broadcasts of the most popular drivers, there were many different events typically related to racing.

Lots of drivers had really professional racing positions. For example, this was the case with Charles Leclerc:

Pierre Gasly took it a step further

Pierre Gasly also has his simulator, which is something that is hard to compete with. First of all, the stand is not in the room next to the bookshelves, but in the very center of the garage with the supercars.

The entire shot was taken by a YouTuber on one of his videos. Seb Delanney presented the entire car collection as well as the mentioned stand. It looks really impressive.

Of course, the whole thing is not suitable for playing FPS, it was created only for racing productions, but hardly anyone can boast about having such equipment. Especially that the whole thing was set in such a characteristic place, where literally every corner reminds you of motorsport.