The gaming community is complaining about the New World beta. “It’s not f****** ready for a next month release”

Some players are positive about New World, but some are less optimistic about production.

Amazon’s MMO title, New World, despite some stumbles and delays, is constantly approaching its release date. Some players have been admitted to the closed beta tests of production, which are a kind of milestone. Thanks to them, some people are looking forward to the publication of the title even more, while others have a less optimistic attitude towards it.

Is the title not ready for a next month premiere?

Some have very high hopes for New World, the best example of which is Shroud. However, there are people who, after beta-tests, do not look at the title with too optimistic eyesight, and we are talking here about Asmongold. In one of his latest YouTube videos, he agreed with another critic and said shortly, “I’ll be honest with you, New World is not f****** ready to be released next month”.

Asmongold primarily drew attention to a good number of underlying issues that are still part of the New World. These include the mechanics of trading with other players, character movements and attack patterns, quest progression, fast travel mechanics, no optimization, no high-level endgame content, and Amazon’s monetization plans.

The title currently has a lot of unresolved bugs and a lot of unknowns for some problems.