Genshin Impact

2FA was finally introduced to the Genshin Impact. The long-awaited feature has arrived on the servers

The travelers kept asking for better security for the account. Finally, the update made its way to players.

The community has a long history with Genshin’s security. People even initiated a boycott that was high on the previous month because of the hacking of the accounts – Big controversy surrounding Genshin Impact. What exactly is the #BoycottGenshin tag about?. As it turns out, now fortunately fans can enjoy a much more secure account. How to secure them?

Linking accounts

To be able to use the new functionality, you must first link your e-mail or telephone number in your account settings. To do this, log in to the miHoYo website with the same data as for the GI. Then click on “Account Security Settings” on the left and the options for linking the account to an email address and phone number will appear. After clicking on “Link” in the appropriate category, you will be able to enter your data. After adding your e-mail you won’t be able to break the connection, but there is an option to modify it – in case the player changes it. What’s later? Once Traveler has set up his credentials on the account page, he will see a one-time message after logging into the game. Enter the code that will come to the Traveler through the method of identification chosen by him. After entering it, the procedure is complete. The news about 2FA is certainly a relief for players, especially those who have invested a lot of time and money in the game. Their account is now safe. ‚Äč