A new event just around the corner in Genshin Impact – Windtrace, dates, everything you need to know

Windtrace, the classic Mondstadt game, takes place again. Let the hunt begin.

Windtrace is a prop hunt game in which players take on the role of hunters and rebels. Here you can see a reference to the old history of Mondstadt.

In the past, the nation was ruled by the nobility with a strong hand, but the people did not like it and they launched a rebellion. Today it is a game in which few see any deeper meaning.

Details of the event

During the event, Travelers can take part in the game at Gygax’s and get coins. Collect them to receive attractive prizes – primogems, card – Peekaboo !, EXP books, mora, and more.

In the game, you can use special skills – Windward Art – which allow you to hide from a hunter or find rebels. Selected skills can be activated before the game.

There are five locations for hide and seek where you can play.

The aforementioned coins have an upper limit. On the first day it is 1,200 and increases by 600 each day, up to a maximum of 4,800.

You can take part in the event from level 20 and it runs from May 14 to May 24 until 03:59. The game can only be played in co-op.

The event is certainly interesting for players and the first one that cannot be played solo. You can notice that the fans liked the game and would like to have it permanently and be able to use the voice chat function.