A new story quest in Genshin. What will it bring, release date

Genshin Impact players always crave content. A new quest is coming soon.

Genshin Impact is only 1/7 point of the storyline. The players will probably get 6 more lands to discover.

In the meantime, another quest is on the horizon. What will it bring?


You heard from Ganyu and Lan that the Treasure Hoarders of Mondstadt and Liyue have joined forces and plan to plunge into the ruins of the Abyss Order. Fearing the chaos it may cause, you take the assignment and investigate …

There are rumors that in this quest we will meet the Hydro Abyss Herald, announced some time ago.

Release date

The story is available since 4/12, 11:00 pm EDT.


To start a quest, you must complete the following:

  • Reach at least level 36
  • Complete the story quest “Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I – The Meaning of Lupical”
  • Complete the world quest “Chapter I: Act IV (Prelude) – Bough Keeper: Dainsleif”

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The players are looking forward to the new storyline. It is not surprising, because their appetite has definitely increased after the last quest with Dainsleif.