Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn coming soon to Genshin Impact. Everything you need to know

PlayStation has announced that Aloy is entering the world of Teyvat. She will be a playable character in the near future.

Aloy is the main character in the Horizon Zero Dawn series and is the result of a collaboration between Guerrilla and miHoYo. She has discovered the secrets of her world and is about to head to the next one.

She is a 5 ★ Cryo archer, with a bow also not from Teyvatu. She will be available for anyone.

Official tweet

PlayStation posted an official introductory tweet for Aloy.

How to get her?

Anyone who plays GI via PlayStation 4/5 will be able to get it by logging in during version 2.1. The rest of the players will have to wait for patch 2.2, but here too, Aloy will be a free five, available via email. The only requirement is AR level 20 or higher and logging in while the update is in progress.

An additional gift from MHY is a bow dedicated to Aloy – Predator. Players will be able to get it via in-game mail, and for PS users it will have an additional skill – Strong Strike.

Players are excited to get a free five. Version 2.1 comes to the game on September 2, and version 2.2 – on October 13.