Genshin Impact

Free Diona. New event in Genshin – duration, requirements

Developers are preparing a new in-game event, one of many coming in patch 1.5. What will the event look like?

MiHoYo intends to give players another four-star character. This is nothing new because the creators of this RPG already have a long history of giving away heroes.

Fans already got Fischl, Xiangling, and Barbara, as well as one of the five characters to choose from 1.3. YaoYao is also getting ready – the first dendro four. Before us, however, the cryo barmaid.

Description of the event

A researcher from Sumer, Hosseini, is tasked with collecting and examining Fractured Fruits, Irminsul Fruit Fragments. For the duration of this task, the Traveler will receive a mysterious ancient relic: the Energy Amplifier. The Adventurer will now have to collect the Fruit Fragments and unleash their power with the Amplifier.

The player can face the Places of Interest, domains, and Twisted Reams to get the event currency – Fractured Fruit Data. These items will reward you with primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mora, and the valuable Crown of Insight.


The Energy Amplifier Initiation, as this event is called, will be open from April 30, 21 10:00 to May 17, 03:59 server time.


Good news for the community – you need to have at least AR 20. There are no more requirements, and you can also co-op with your friends at the Energy Amplifier Initiation!

This event is a great opportunity to grab free resources, including a new character or another constellation. Best of all, it doesn’t require resins to play.