Genshin Impact bans up to 15 years. What can you get banned for and why is it controversial?

Mihoyo decided to take breaking her rules seriously. Players are already feeling the effects of bans.

Genshin Impact is no exception when it comes to using exploits and bugs directly in the game. The Genshin community likes to circumvent developer restrictions, be it at various events or find exploits.

MiHoYo did not like some of them, as a result of which players can get banned for up to 15 years. At the moment, there are 7 different reasons for the anger of developers. What belongs to them?

Reasons for bans

The reasons are listed in order from the most checked to the least.

  1. Abuse of refunds for purchased in-game goods

This problem affects people who first bought the crystals, exchanged them for primogems, and then canceled the purchase. Their account shows a negative amount of crystals. If the player fails to balance, their account will be banned.

  1. Use of third party programs

This category includes not only programs that modify Genshin Impact (example: auto-targeting bots), but also those that run on other games, such as WoW. In this case, it is best to turn on the GI with other script programs disabled.

  1. Nicks and profile descriptions

Bans are given out for inappropriate names and signatures as well as in-game messages. These are not only forbidden words, but also attempts at cheating and racism.

  1. Layout at Serenitea Pot

This includes systems that create obscene pictures and words that use different objects.

  1. Forum posts with sensitive words

Here, it includes everything about leaks, speculation, political and insulting topics, as well as saying negative things about characters in forums, Discord or other media.

  1. Deliberate bug abuse

These are bugs such as infinite loot (a meat bug where you and your friends could endlessly collect wild boar meat or collect 999 items in 1-2 hours) and other abuses that generate anomalies in the data.

  1. Unknown reason named “Game Data Error”

The reasons for this error are not known, but it could be related to irregular data being sent to the server or Internet problems.

Players rebel against such unclear rules. There have been voices such as “they will lose even more money because people will be too afraid to invest in such an unstable ban system.” Will it really be so? Time will tell.