How to get 50k of mora daily in Genshin Impact?

Never too much mora. What’s the new way to get it?

A nice surprise greeted the players of Genshin Impact today. After logging in you’ll get information about the mini-event that has returned to the game.

We are talking about “A Thousand Questions with Paimon”, a quiz that is an easy way to get so in-game currency.


You will be able to take the quiz every day, from April 6 to April 8, on the server day. Every day you will be able to get 50,000 mora, provided you answer 10 questions correctly. Fortunately, you can take the quiz multiple times if you visit the miHoYo links.

How to attend

Anyone with AR 10 or more can take the quiz. There are no more requirements, which is good news for new players.

Even more mora?

Another way to get additional resources is to log into the miHoYo website (CLICK) daily. This is an event that continues in April as well and only takes a few clicks. In a month, we can collect up to 62,000 mora and 60 primogems.

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By taking the quiz, you can learn a bit about the trivia and the story of the game. It takes little to no time, and every mora counts in Genshin.