How to sign up for the Genshin Impact beta to get to the news early? Dates and more

Players hungry for new content may get it early! Recruitment for beta 1.6 is now open.

Genshin Impact is a game that is still in development. Despite great progress in the story, players only went through about 1/7 of the story that miHoYo prepared for them.

Soon, the next chosen ones will be able to discover the secrets so much guarded by developers.

What’s happening?

An announcement was published on the official Genshin Impact discord, inviting players to the application for beta version 1.6 (form: click). Unfortunately, the offer is only for players who are on a channel that is already full. Every now and then, fortunately, there are lucky people who manage to enter.

Deadline for submitting applications

Completed forms are accepted until 04/18/21, 11:59 a.m. EDT. After this time, the survey will be closed.

How to fill in the form?

There are some parts of the form that can be troublesome. They are explained below.

  • The NDA is a non-disclosure agreement, i.e. a legal agreement in which the signatory undertakes not to spread confidential information under the threat of punishment.
  • Discord ID is an integer representing the account; the easiest way to get an ID is to turn on developer mode in the advanced settings, search for your own private or channel message, then right-click (or hold on your phone) on your message and select “copy ID”.
  • Discord Tag stands for “nick # numbers”. You can easily copy this on your PC by clicking on your name in the bottom left panel of Discord.
  • The email provided in the form must match the one provided on the player’s profile on the miHoYo account page (click).
  • The UID forum is the ID that has been assigned to the player on the official miHoYo forum (click). Just click on account info; there is a user UID next to the nickname.

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There are definitely many more people willing than places to fill, but it is worth trying your luck.