Genshin Impact

Mini oceanid. New event in Genshin Impact. Everything you need to know

You can’t get bored in patch 1.4 – another Genshin Impact event coming soon.

Once in the history of the game, players could take part in an event in which, with the appropriate number of points, they could get a unique pet – mini seelie. It is a small sprite that could be pink, blue, or gold. It accompanies the traveler in discovering Teyvat.

Players who joined after the “Lost Riches” event will also have the opportunity to get their own pet. Wishful Drops is coming. What is it about?


Wishful Drops comes into play on 09.04. at. 10 EU server time and lasts until 16.04, 3:59. During this time, the player will receive a small oceanid named Endora, which they will have to feed.


To be able to get rewards in the event, including a permanent pet, you need to fight a boss – the oceanid Rhodeia. It is slightly different from the one we know; there will be new types of attacks, which will provide players with more challenges.

Every time a small oceanid grows, we earn the Heart of The Spring, which allows claiming rewards from the boss. Only when the pet reaches its full form will you be able to fight the adult oceanid. An alternative to Heart of The Spring are resins – although they use up a valuable resource, more resins used means better rewards.

What does the pet feeding process look like? In certain places marked on the map, enemies made of water will appear – like those who can be faced in the fight against an ordinary oceanid. Our pet will consume their energy.

It promises to be an interesting event, in which it pays to participate – if only because of the mini oceanid, which will not be available in the future, making it quite unique. Time will show what else miHoYo will prepare for us.‚Äč