Genshin Impact

The Unusual Hilichurl in action. New event in Genshin Impact

Most of the players met Unusual Hilichurl on their way. There is already a related event in the game.

One Unusual Hilichurl has recently been spotted gathering his companions out in the wild. Concerned, Katheryne called on the Traveler to investigate the matter. Together with Hilichurla expert Ella Musk, you need to find species that are open to communication. They have more information about the whereabouts of Unusual Hilichurl.

What is the Mimi Tomo event about?

In order to get clues about Unusual Hilichurl, otherwise known as Wei, you need to go to specific locations, complete the task, and ask the hilichurl about the place and time of where the Unusual Hilichurl is. Then you should go to the mentioned place at the required time. Ella’s notes, which contain the basic words and phrases used by this species of monsters, will be helpful throughout the event.

Duration of the event

The event itself is available from 27/05 at 5:00 am EDT until 06/06 at 22:59 pm EDT. The quest that happens after Mimi Tomo lasts from 06/06, 23:00 pm EDT to 08/06, until 22:59 pm EDT.


There are prizes for the Travelers such as moora, primogems, Liyue style furniture plans, Hero’s Wit, and more. This event is a good opportunity for all travelers to get to know Wei, the miHoYo easter egg that has been a mystery so far. Who knows, maybe it’s time to get his achievement? ‚Äč