Rockstar updated GTA 6 website. Rumors about Vice City and Project Americas are confirmed?

The GTA community is looking for clues about the arrival of the “Sixth”.

Rockstar Games is silent about what is currently happening with Grand Theft Auto 6, which only increases the intensity of the players’ search for any clues. There have been a lot of rumors in the past that GTA 6 would be a return to Vice City. Moreover, the plot would revolve around the cartel and drugs.

According to some parts of the community, the setting of the action in the VC was considered a mere dream of many players that will never be fulfilled. But perhaps the developers are preparing a surprise.

What do recent leaks indicate?

It’s been known for a long time that Rockstar Games has recently updated domains such as GTA6 and GTAVI. Fans, however, spotted another interesting site, which RockstarCartel undoubtedly is. So far, when you go to this site, you can only see a dead page.

Either way, one cannot just walk past it. In the opinion of many community members, all leaks regarding GTA 6 and Project Americas are being confirmed.

It is not known what Rockstar is planning, but it is very likely that the plot of “Sixth” will be primarily about drugs and cartels. Of course, complete certainty regarding this statement can be determined only after official information is published by Rockstar.