The sad news about the GTA 6 Vice City map and theme park leak. The author confessed

The GTA community became fascinated with leaks from “Six”. Unfortunately, they were very disappointed.

Recently, we have very often informed about new leaks from Grand Theft Auto 6. We are talking about the map and the amusement park, as well as radio stations. Unfortunately, it turned out that all these leaks were faked by one of the game’s community members who literally laughed at the rest of the fans for believing it. Each of the aforementioned fake leaks was created by “Tim McDowell”.

The player perfectly mocked the community and revealed the truth

“Tim McDowell” was the creator of a really sophisticated scam that many parts of the Grand Theft Auto community fell for. Admittedly, his leaks were perfect and he had to spend a huge amount of time faking them. On his website, he explained the whole matter and posted a link to the YouTube video:

That’s right, I did it. I faked it all. Every leak on GTA VI all over the Internet. It’s me. And I will strike again. You’ll never see me coming.

In the video above, you can also see how McDowell created the leaked Fred’s Fun World, the much-mentioned amusement park.

Dear GTA community, I have an IQ of 198. My goals are beyond your understanding. My graphic design skills are average at best.

From now on, fans of Grand Theft Auto must be very vigilant as the person responsible has announced that he will be back again.

The whole situation proves how much GTA fans are hungry for any information about “Six”. Until the developers announce the new installment of the gangster franchise, the community will analyze every leak and clue to confirm that the title will really exist.