Will GTA 6 have the largest open-world map ever?

The community wonders if GTA 6 will delight players with the size of the map.

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are wondering whether “The Six” will have a larger map than GTA 5. Large, open worlds are always a huge advantage of such productions as the gangster title of Rockstar Games.

Of course, this is not an indicator of the quality of the game, because “The Four” had a smaller map compared to San Andreas, and yet it is considered revolutionary in terms of plot or gameplay itself.

GTA 6 Will Have The Largest Open World Map Ever?

The idea is that a bigger map means more content in the game, but it’s not actually true, as Fuel is a great example of. The title had a huge, open world, but it was not successful due to the average game mechanics and the scarcity of interesting content. The Batman Arkham series, on the other hand, shows that a modest world can accommodate a surprising amount of different things.

In the case of GTA: San Andreas, you can talk about a fairly extensive map and a whole range of interesting features, as well as general improvements to the game mechanics. Rockstar developers have probably adopted the philosophy that “bigger is better”, as can be seen from the recent titles. The maps in GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 were really extensive, so it can be concluded that the upward trend of the maps will continue.

Perhaps Rockstar Games intends to surprise the world and the setting of GTA 6 will be really extensive. Some don’t hesitate to say that the developers are preparing “the greatest open world map ever”. If they provide the title with a lot of content, it may be the greatest work of this producer.