Will Hytale be free? An interesting theory after a leak

Hytale’s financial model is not yet known, but a few things allow us to assume that Hytale will be free.

We recently showed you a small leak on the login page. When you look at the website, you will see 3 interesting login options.

What does logging in with Twitter, Discord, and Google account tell us? These are apps and free pages that you can often log into free games and lunchers. Games that require advance payment usually require logging in directly through an account created in the database. Does that mean that Hytale will be free? There is one more thing…

RIOT Games

It is worth recalling that Hypixel Studios has become an official subsidiary of Riot Games. The creators of Hytale are therefore more or less a branch of Riot, and this one is famous for its free games.

Is that okay? There are two sides to this story. Game producers like to earn money from their work (who doesn’t?). Free games usually earn money on cosmetic items. In Lol or CS, these are skins for characters and weapons, in Genshin Impact you can buy currency, and on the Hypixel server in Minecraft you can buy VIP and a lot of other goodies. This approach makes it possible to release a free game without going bankrupt. The other side of the coin, however, is the fact that players do not get the full content, and to stand out too much, they have to reach for their wallets.

What does free Hytale mean for users?

This certainly means that some items (a feature or cosmetic items) would have to be unlocked for real money. Maybe it’s like Minecraft Bedrock Edition, or maybe something else, but micropayments in free games are simply an integral part of them. It may be a separate model maker, and maybe new clothes, hair, or accessories.

Whether or not this theory is true, until Hypixel Studios officially speaks, these are only assumptions.