10 k-pop music videos that will help everyone to cool down on hot days and put in a holiday mood

Holidays are fast approaching, so it’s worth creating summer k-pop playlists that will make you feel the summer even more.

This year’s summer greeted us with very hot and sunny days at the very beginning. Many people already spend time not only sunbathing but also cooling themselves in a pool or lake.

For this reason, no matter where you are at the moment, it’s worth putting on a holiday K-pop hit list, which will also remind you of how great and interesting this season is.

10 K-Pop Vacation Hits to get your Summer started

10. Red Velvet – “Umpah Umpah”

Even though Red Velvet already has many other summer hits such as “Ice Cream Cake” or “Red Flavor”, they still show that they are the queens of summer concepts. This time “Umpah Umpah” shows what a perfect vacation looks like – car trips on hot days, as well as having fun with your loved ones during those rainy moments.

9. EXO – “Ko Ko Bop”

Are you looking for more rhythmic and party grove-style sounds? EXO with its hit “Ko Ko Bop” is perfect for that. It is certainly one of the band’s most tropical music videos, from which you can feel the perfect holiday hit. Despite the fact that the song is already quite a few years old, it is still very popular among summer playlists.

8. CL – “Lifted”

“Lifted” certainly cannot be missed among summer concepts, and CL perfectly shows that relaxing with neighbors or spending free time with friends, playing together to your favorite summer songs, is one of the best ideas for spending this year’s holidays.

7. Zico feat. Rain – “Summer Hate”

Certainly, not everyone loves summer, and most of all, the hot days accompanying this time of the year. For this reason, Zico comes with Rain, and thanks to their witty lyrics, you can forget about the heat for a few minutes.

6. Cherry Bullet – “Aloha Oe”

Do you need help planning your vacation? The girls from Cherry Bullet come to the rescue, fortunately they have a handful of ideas for this year’s holiday.

5. B1A4’s Sandeul – “Summer Day Summer Night”

Or maybe you need ideas on how to spend days and nights with your significant other? Sandeul in his music video shows how he would spend his days with a crush. In addition, the lyrics of the song also bring you a whole tutorial on summer date ideas.

4. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji – “AWay”

Sometimes it happens that a person has to take a break from all those parties with friends. For this reason, a lonely vacation could be an ideal idea that would help you not only relax and rest physically but also mentally. This is what Eun Ji shows us in his song.

3. BTS – “Dynamite”

Ice cream booths, endless sunny days, and parties with friends – isn’t that the perfect start to your vacation? In its music video, BTS shows that despite the heat, you can still dynamically spend your holiday days with your loved ones.

2. BLACKPINK feat. Selena Gomez – “Ice Cream”

Having mentioned the ice-cream booths earlier, we cannot of course forget about last year’s BLACKPINK hit – “Ice Cream”. The members of the team along with Selena Gomez not only give everyone a taste for various types of ice cream but also remind everyone that this dessert is perfect for hot days.

1. TWICE – “Alcohol-Free”

It is known that during summer parties with friends, good drinks must also be present. TWICE comes to the rescue with its current comeback and reminds you of what holiday drinks are the perfect choice for the best parties.