BTS plagiarized somebody? Fans say “Butter” sounds too suspiciously like the 1992 soundtrack

Is BTS’s “Butter” really plagiarism of the 1992 soundtrack? It sounds too similar.

The South Korean band with their new song “Butter” beats all records from the very premiere, much like it was with “Dynamite” last year. The song is currently at the top of the Billboard HOT 100 for the seventh consecutive week, which is definitely very good news for the band’s fans.

Of course, there is no wonder, after all, the song with its interesting sound won the ears of many Americans or Europeans, not to mention of course Asian society, and on the radio, it is still on the charts. You can see that the whole world has already fallen in love with the new song, but is it really original and doesn’t hide any secrets?

BTS plagiarism?

The soundtrack composed by Kozo Nakamura and Hiroshi Takeyashu, which they titled “Tower Catastrophe” on level 4 of Monster in My Pocket, was especially noticed. It’s mainly about its very similar, practically the same sound to “Butter”, a track from BTS.

Główną uwagę zyskał soundtrack skomponowany przez Kozo Nakamurę i Hiroshi Takeyashu, którą zatytułowali jako “Tower Catastrophe” na poziomie 4. Monster in My Pocket. Chodzi głównie o jego bardzo podobne, praktycznie takie samo brzmienie do “Butter”, czyli utworu od BTS.

You can listen to the soundtrack below, and the most similar part starts at 5 seconds.

From the beginning of the given fragment, it is very easy to remember the beginning of a BTS song and immediately sing “Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover…“. Many people admit that they were shocked to hear this part of the soundtrack, even if they previously claimed that it was just rumors spread by haters.

This seems to be a growing problem that spreads very quickly. Unfortunately, it is not known whether the label actually decided to allow the plagiarism, hoping that no one would notice if it simply had a license to use an excerpt from the work.

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The topic is spreading so quickly that Hybe employees will surely notice it and the label will decide to issue a statement on the matter to clarify the situation. Now it remains only to wait.