Toxic BLACKPINK’s Lisa fans strike again. This time the rest of the band members got involved. What is going on?

It is known that the Korean community can be painfully critical. This time it’s about Lisa fans from BP again.

There are many idols who are among the Korean community, but also worldwide so popular that they have countless fans who are toxic and support only one idol.

For this reason, it should not be very surprising that BLACPINK, due to its global popularity, has a lot of fans, even those who do not support the entire team, but only individual members.

Lisa’s psycho fans attack again

Even though the vast majority of k-pop fans are rather kind, helpful, and wholeheartedly support their favorite bands, unfortunately, there are still psycho fans (so-called sasaeng) or other very toxic people who love only one idol from the band at the expense of the rest of the group.

We usually call this kind of “fans” “Akgae”, which means that they express a lot of support and love towards their favorite idol, while mistakenly thinking that if they are hating other members of a given band, they are doing a huge service for their favorite.

Recently, one of the Internet users decided to comment on this topic and bring the situation closer to the rest of the fans. Here is what he wrote:

“Lisa akgaes from South East Asia are a real problem. The extent of this is a real issue. They poured swear words at Jennie when BLACKPINK first promoted saying that Jennie is the only one being supported by the company. They cursed at her saying she’s ugly, can’t sing, and said all sorts of curses at her. Then, Jennie wrote a message supporting Rose and they cursed at her too.”

 “Then when Rose posted photos, they kept attacking her on the comments so she deleted her post. The Southeast Asian fans are a real serious issue. They keep talking about Lisa this and Lisa that on the comment section on other members’ posts.”

The Netizens are very furious about it. A heated discussion broke out among them, during which they sharply criticized the behavior of Lisa’s psycho fans and the whole situation, which repeats itself from time to time.

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  • I hate it when they say ‘too white…too skinny
  • If they’re going to always complain they shouldn’t be fans,
  • here was a time Rose deleted her post on her Instagram because she got terrorized,
  • I hate Lisa’s akgae fans, they’re always doing things like that,
  • I thought it was weird when they said that Lisa isn’t that popular in Korea because Koreans are racist,
  • Jennie deleted all her posts during her solo promotions because of these akgaes. You can tell how bad they are,
  • This is K-pop not southeast asia pop, why are they so angry though?” and “I just want them to know that if Lisa didn’t debut in Korea, she wouldn’t have become so famous. If they’re going to terrorize the other members then they should take Lisa and have her promote in Southeast Asia only.

It seems that such situations are starting to happen more often due to anonymity on the Internet, which is becoming a very difficult problem not only among the BLACKPINK fandom but the entire k-pop community. Will YG finally react? This is not known, but if this type of situation happens more and more often, so there is a chance.